FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS (Till Nov. 15th):

Fall Porch Privates/ Kachina- my house! 
$50 for ONE HOUR

Call me today to book- no telling how long this beautiful weather will last!

*  Meditation at the dripping springs- Whale's Armpit
*  Restorative candlelit class at Fern Glen Camp
* All levels asana class under the shade of Redwall Cavern
* Learning about how activity- specifically high intensity cycling and dance- can help Parkinson's patients
* Watching the transformation of one who has never practiced find balance and peace through asana/pranayama/ and meditation

So many incredible moments.....

What a gift to finish a river trip feeling more open, centered, and stronger! 

Yoga in North Canyon

Yoga in Silver Grotto

Join us in 2019 or CHARTER your own Yoga Adventure!

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